Making sure you get the right portions of all the food groups

Having a balanced diet is important as it ensures that your body is fuelled with all the nutrients it needs to function correctly. There are a number of different food groups, and it is wise to try and get some of each into your diet daily. You may need more of one sort of food group than another. If you are vegetarian then you may easily miss out on the recommended protein, which is usually found in meat, so you may need to replace this with other foods that are high in protein. Many meat substitute products have been made with this in mind.

If you are struggling to get all the vitamins and nutrients into your diet through food you may decide to supplement with a tablet or even a drink. This will allow you to boost your intake. Sometimes, for you body to absorb these, you may need to take them with another vitamin or food or possibly avoid taking them with some drinks or foods. If you are trying to increase your levels of good bacteria, then you may opt for a probiotic. You should not take these with a hot drink or even hot food as it can kill off the bacteria rendering them useless.