How to beat the boredom hunger

January is often the most common time of year for people to start diets or try and lose weight. Many of us over indulge over the festive period and then tell ourselves that come January we are going to lost the extra weight that we have needed to get rid of. Dieting can be very hard and it is not just about physically controlling what you eat, you also need to be in the right state mentally too as it often takes a lot of will power.

Most people say that the time they struggle most with watching what they eat is when they are bored or tired. This is because we crave stimulation or comfort and for many of us this is what we get from certain foods. If you are sleepy, you may want foods like chocolate or if you are bored you may reach for the nuts or sweets. Trying to keep busy can help you stop thinking about food. Try and ensure that you are constantly doing something and when you get tired in the evening try and go to bed earlier. Also drinking, especially hot drinks, is another great way to stave away the hunger.