Healthy options for summer dining

When we think about healthy eating many of us automatically think that means eating lots of salad but although salad items need to be part of a healthy diet, summer dining is so much more than a bowl of lettuce.

During the warmer summer months lots of people enjoy eating lighter meals and do not want to spend hours in the kitchen preparing food. There are lots of healthy meals that can be prepared in less than an hour as long as you have the ingredients to hand.

Chicken is a wonderfully healthy meat to choose and once cooked can be kept in the fridge and sliced up as required. A delicious Caesar salad can be made using crisp romaine lettuce leaves, parmesan cheese with sliced chicken pieces and a garlic dressing. Coupled with crusty ciabatta bread it makes a great light lunch.

Stir fries are a quick and easy way to feed the family and are a good way to get lots of vegetables into the diet. A Mediterranean vegetable stir fry could include peppers, onion, courgettes and aubergines and adding prawns to the stir fry will ensure you meal contains some healthy protein too. Most vegetables can be cooked in a stir fry so be adventurous and try shredded carrot, broccoli and sugar snap peas for a change.