Are calories counting apps useful?

If you are trying to lose weight then you may find it easier if you are using diet tools such as apps that can help you keep track of what you are doing. Many apps such as My fitness pay and the NHS app allow you to put in details of your current weight, activity level and goal weight and then tell you how many calories you should be having a day. They can also tell you how much of each food group you should be consuming on a daily basis.

These apps can be great at allowing you to see what you need to do to make a difference. You can add food and drink that you consume throughout the day to see ho many calories you have had and how many you have left. This can then make it easier for you to meal plan.

The apps are often quite easy to use and allow you to look up foods, scan barcodes or input the details yourself. This is a great way of seeing where you may be consuming calories without even realising it. The odd biscuit here and there and those few chicken nuggets that you eat when dishing out the kids tea really can add up and make you go over your allocated amount of calories for that day.

Reheating pasta to make it Healthier

Reheating pasta to make it Healthier

A study last month showed that cooling and reheating pasta made it less fattening, but how can that be? Well, it was basically proven that cooled and reheated pasta acts as more of a fibre, like bananas, beans or raw oats when absorbed in the stomach.

It was also found that the volunteers’ blood sugar level increased by half the usual amount, “reducing the chances of putting on weight or developing diabetes”. It’s a discovery that has certainly grabbed plenty of media attention, and there’s no doubt that many people will have started eating reheated pasta on their lunch breaks.

Reheated pasta can reduce the rise in blood glucose levels by 50 per cent, and that really is a whopping amount, but you’re essentially eating the same, meal. It’s the same on your taste buds, but a whole lot better on your belly.

Tools To Help You Manage Your Diet

Maintaining a healthy body is seemingly more difficult now than every before. You only need to look at the statistics to see evidence of this; with more people from practically every age group suffering from obesity than ever before. The reasons for this certainly aren’t very clear-cut, as it likely involves numerous different factors. It is, however, clear that technology, and our reliance upon it (causing reductions in physical activity), is a significant factor in the increases we’ve seen; but could it also play a role in the solution?…

Over the last ten years or so, we’ve seen numerous effective, and easily accessible tools which the average person can understand and use. BMI (body mass index) is a great example of this. Simply by getting correct measurements of your height and weight, you can determine if you’re a healthy weight, or whether you need to put some work in, to either lose or gain weight (yes, that’s also an issue). Also, with the rise of smart phones and other devices, monitoring your diet, weight and exercise has become more easy to do than ever before.