Breakfast – to have or not to have, that is the question.

With our busy lives, breakfast is something that many people skip, opting instead for multiple caffeinated drinks to make them feel full and energised. However lots of research shows that by taking the time to have a healthy breakfast you can set up a healthy eating routine for the eating breakfast you start your metabolism off which is important to consider particularly if you’re trying to lose weight.

So what should you have? Firstly avoid any high sugar breakfast items such as cereal bars or chocolate cereals as these give you a blood sugar spike then a crash making you feel very hungry and lethargic about an hour after. Instead opt for whole grain cereals that are high in fibre such as oats and whole wheat products that allow a more slow-release of energy. If you like toast, choose wholemeal breads or breads that contain dark rye, as these are healthier for you than plain white bread. Avoid any high sugar spreads including jams and marmalades and instead choose something nutritious like avocado or poached or boiled eggs. With the right breakfast you can kick-start your metabolism and keep your blood sugar level nice and stable ready for the day ahead.