Is batch cooking a good idea?

Batch cooking is something that has come back over the last couple of years. People are so busy with their jobs and life commitments that they simply do not have as much time anymore for preparing and cooking meals. If you do not have meals prepared then it is easy to end up cooking something quick and often unhealthy. You may also find that you pick a lot whilst the food is cooking because you are hungry and haven’t planned ahead.

Batch cooking allows you to cook multiple batches of food at one time. You can then refrigerate or freeze these to use on another day. You will probably not want exactly the same food every day for a week so it is always a good idea to bulk cook multiple different meals so you can swap around and have something different.

Not all meals can be batched cooked but lasagne’s, curry’s, Chilli and soups are all great examples. You can also prepare other foods in advance to have as snacks, so you may decide to cook some chicken thighs to be able to use throughout the week, If they are already cooked you can either eat them cold or heat them up again.