Eating good whole foods balanced with exercise

If you are not happy with the way you look at present then you may be tempted to try a diet. Often the problem with diets is that it removes the fats and replaces it with low fat high sugar alternatives. High sugar foods do not keep you full for very long so after only an hour or two you may be craving food once more.

Rather than going on a diet, it is better to make some lifestyle changes that you can stick to long term. The problem with dieting is that you may be able to lose weight fast but then often you will put it back in as soon as you start eating normally again. Making small but sustainable changes to your day to day food habits is a much better way at going about getting fit and healthy. Try and eat foods in their whole state as much as possible. For example rather than plastering peanut butter and jam on your toast why not opt for a handful of nuts and a small bowl of fruit. Add in some natural yogurt and you have a tasty dish that is not only satisfying but also packed full of foods that are great for your body and your mind.