Does dieting work alone?

With summer coming to an end and the colder days and nights start to draw in, dieting is probably the last thing on your mind, but it can actually be a good time to start if you want to get in shape for Christmas.

Many men and women try multiple ways to lose weight often unsuccessfully. It may be that they find a diet that ensures they start to drop the pounds but it isn’t sustainable so after a few weeks to a month they give up. For a diet to be successful it needs to be a lifestyle change not just a temporary fix if you want the weight loss to be permanent. Often dieting in its own is tough but by increasing your exercise too, you don’t have to cut as many calories.

Before you start cutting the calories, try incorporating half an hour to an hours exercise every day. Try and find something you enjoy whether it be walking, swimming or yoga. Once you have got in to a routine with your exercise you should then find it easier to cut down on a few hundred calories. This will really ramp up the weight loss and you probably won’t even notice you are dieting.