How to manage a food allergy

If you or your child has a food allergy you need to think very carefully about how to manage it. There are different degrees of food intolerance. For some people certain foods or ingredients in food make them have a bad stomach or possibly be sick, for others they may come out in a rash or even have a life-threatening reaction which can cause them to stop breathing. Lot’s pf people that have an allergic reaching to nuts or eggs find that it can be very serious. Often, they need to carry an epi pen with them wherever they go and make sure that they do not eat anything that contains the food they are allergic too. Some people can even have an allergy to a food that is in the air, so for example, if you have a nut allergy, sometimes even being in the same room as nuts could start you off.

Although this can be very hard to manage at times, especially if you are out for a meal or away on holiday, once you have gotten used t what sorts of foods to what out for, it can become a little easier.