Does eating healthy help you avoid getting ill?

You often hear the phrase an apple a day keeps the doctor away, well is there any true in the matter that eating healthily will mean you are less likely to get ill? Well, this all depends on the type of illness, for example you may be less likely to catch a cold if you eat healthy as certain fruit and vegetables contain vitamins and minerals that help the bodies natural defences. If you have the optimal amount of these vitamins and minerals then your body should work hard to try and avoid you catching anything or becoming ill but with some infections or disease this may not be the case. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how well you try and look after yourself, you may still get ill. Eating healthy can also help you recover quickly though and has other health benefits too. It’s not just about eating healthily, its also about exercise. You need to do a certain amount of exercise to ensure that you maintain a healthy weight and look after your heart. If you are unsure of what you should be eating to be healthy or what sort of exercises you should do then you can go on the NHS website where a lot of useful information can be found.