When should you take supplements?

Now a days we are inundated with different vitamins and supplements that we can take. You have your standard victim in a – d for example but there are also a number of other vitamins or supplements that may have huge health benefits. Some of these supplements have been around for years, but knowing which ones you should take can be tricky.

There seems to be a link between taking vitamin d and lowering your risk of Corona virus. This link is still being investigated. It they have started to send out vit d to vulnerable people.

If you are trying to get pregnant you should be taking either a good pregnancy vitamin or at least flood acid as this has been proven to lower the risk of spina bifida.

If you are u sure as to what you should be taking it is always a good idea to ask your doctor. If you feel you may be low on something such as iron for example or is best to try and get a blood test to confirm it. If the doctor cannot really advise you as it is not something that is medically recognised then you may go and see a medical herbalist who will be able to discuss what vitamins, herbs abs supplements you should be taking.