Is healthy eating and dieting the same?

When people think about diets they often think about healthy eating and vice versa, but this is not always the case. Often eating healthy will help you to lose weight if you are overweight but diets are not always healthy and can be quite unhealthy. For example, many diets out there rely on either slashing calories or cutting out fats, even though they may be pumped full of sugar, such as some of the shakes you can buy. This sort of dieting can be effective if you are looking to lose weight quickly such as for your wedding or a special holiday but it is often not a very healthy way of doing it and you may also find that as soon as you start to eat normally again you pile the weight back on.

It takes time to adapt your diet to eat healthy. You need a little bit from all of the food groups and you diet should consist of veg, salad or fruit at every meal. You need to stop seeing vegetables and salads as a side and instead try and make them the main focus of your plate. Proteins are particularly good for you and should be consumed every mealtime.