Can acupuncture help with dieting?

When it comes to dieting, some techniques work better for some than for others. For many, dieting can be extremely hard work and take a long time to see any positive effects. Over the years people have tried a number of different ways in which they can lose weight. Some diets do seem to be effective but they can leave people feeling deprived and even depressed.

The beauty of acupuncture for dieting is that it helps you get rid of any bad associations you may of made about food and feelings. For example, if you find that you always eat more when you are feeling sad then this can cause you to very quickly put on weight which then may make you feel even more upset and in turn eat more. Getting rid of the emotional stress or upset will also help you to build a healthier relationship with food. Sometimes dieting works best when you can start to feel better about yourself and have some confidence first. This is what will see you through the tough times when you are feeling like giving up.

Other forms of alternative therapy such as counselling, hypnosis and reflexology also seem to show some positive outcomes for assisting with dieting.