How to stay fit and healthy during lock down

With the UK progressing in to its second month on lockdown many of us are worrying about if we are doing enough to try and stay fit and healthy. This is important not only for when lock down is lifted but also to give our bodies the best chance of fighting the infection if we do catch it. 

There are a number of ways in which we can stay healthy and one is to continue with exercise. We are now allowed to exercise more than once a day outside of our home but even if you are shielding or isolating you can still take part in exercise in your home. If you struggle to get motivated there are some great online fitness or yoga videos for all ages and abilities that you can watch and join in with.

When it comes to diet, this is also important. Although it may be tempting to reach for the quick unhealthy options at the moment, it is important to ensure that you are maintaining a good balanced diet. Simply adding more veg or salad to your plate and cutting down on processed foods will quickly give your diet a boost and ensure you are getting more of the good foods you need.