What is the GI diet and how does it work?

So many people are trying all different sorts of diets from fasting, to no carbs to skinny jabs (injections). Some diets may produce results but can actually be damaging to your health.

GI dieting has been around for quite some time now and was first used for people with diabetes. The idea of the GI diet is to switch some high GI foods for low ones allowing you to eat less but still feel full.

The key to look term weight lose is slow and steady. If you lose too much weight too quickly you may find that you put it back on quickly, especially if you go back to how you were eating before. With the GI diet, the idea is it is a change of lifestyle, not just a short term fix. Although it may take a little longer to see results, you should find that the changes are more permanent.

Not only can low GI foods help you lose weight but you may find that they improve your mental heath and also give you more energy.

Ways to easily encompass low GI foods in your diet could include swapping white pasta for  wholewheat pasta.