Are you drinking enough water?

Water is vital for us humans for survival. But not only is it essential to survive it is actually very good for us and can fix a number of health issues.  Water is found in many foods as well as drinks so you may be taking in more than you realise but are you having enough water? Research shows that although most of us know we should be drinking about eight pints of water a day, not many of us have anywhere near this amount. 8 pints may sound a lot but when you add up all the cups of tea and squash we drink, it may be that you are having more than you think.

To get the most out of water you should drink it on its own as caffeine and sugars that are often in other things that are added to water, can have a negative effect. Water can hydrate you making you have more energy and also helps your skin. The skin contains a lot of water and acts as a barrier to prevent excess water loss. If you drink too much water the kidneys will filter it out, so it is always better to be overhydrated than under.

If you find that you are suffering from a lot of headaches, then it may be that by upping your water intake, you can elevate most if not all of them.