Vitamins for children

Although many parents try and ensure that their child eats a balanced diet, very often they simply do not get enough of the vitamins they need in a day. This is especially true if your child struggles with fruit and vegetables which is often a good source of vitamins.

It is often advisable to supplement children’s meals with a vitamin to ensure they are getting 100% of their recommended daily allowance of vitamin A, C and D, which are often the most important at this stage. Vitamin D is absorbed through sunlight so during the winter months many people have very low levels of this.

You need to check carefully as to what vitamins your child can have for their age. Breast feeding mothers are no being given vitamins that they can give to their baby in case their milk is not sufficient in all the nutrients the baby needs. Once your child is old enough to have a vitamin tablet you should get one that is chewable. These are not only easier for them to swallow but often taste nicer too. Be sure to read the information on the leaflet or that is printed on the bottle to compare one sort of vitamin to another to help you decide which ones to choose.