Creating a buffet for people with food allergies

If you are creating a buffet for a number of guests then you will need to find out if there is anyone with any food allergies.  More and more people seem to be suffering with food allergies these days and therefore it is vital that you cater for these people.

It may be that you have some people that are gluten free in which case sandwiches made gluten free bread will be needed.

Not only may you have people with food allergies but also people that are vegetarian or Vegan.  You will need to think carefully about all the food that you are preparing and ensure that you label any food that is suitable for vegetarians, vegans and people who have an intolerance to gluten.

You may struggle to get some gluten-free or vegan food from you usual supermarket, although most of them do now have a section for this. Supermarkets such as Sainsbury’s often have a wide selection of gluten free food.

Try to make some foods that are suitable for all such as vegan salads and dips. If you are in doubt contact the manufacturer to find out if the food is vegan / gluten free before serving it to your guests.