Will eating breakfast help you to lose weight?

People who want to lose weight will often be trying to find new ways that will aid them in the weight loss program. Historically people who want to lose weight were told that by eating a healthy breakfast, they should lose weight quicker than those who skip breakfast altogether. The idea behind this is that having breakfast gives your metabolism a kick start and means that you will burn calories quicker throughout the day.
New research that has just been released is now questioning this theory and may change the way people diet in the future. The research showed that there was no significant change in metabolism rates with those that eat breakfast compared to those who don’t. It also showed that on average, someone that eats breakfast will consume on average more than 200 additional calories per day as having breakfast doesn’t seem to alter the amount of food a person eats during the rest of the day.
This research has only been conducted on a small sample of people and larger, more complex trials are needed to really see if this statement is true. If it is we may need to rethink how and when we eat our meals to help aid weight loss.