New research to show how you can recover from pre-diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is on the increase across the UK and much of it is being blamed on obesity and poor diet. Recent studies have shown how much this illness costs the NHS every year and how many people are being affected by it. Scientists are trying to find out ways that they can reduce or reverse the condition and diet seems to be top of the list. A recent study carried out was done to show the effects of a crash diet and how it can reduce the risk of later developing diabetes. The people that were included in the trial had to have their calorie intake massively reduced for 4 weeks to around 600 calories a day. During this time they also did light exercise such as walking around every 30 mins of so.

The results showed that all of the people had dropped out of the pre diabetes area and were fast on their way to reducing their risk completely. The 5 mins of exercise that was done showed to lower their blood sugar levels and therefore help their body deal with their food intake better. This diet is not advisable unless you are under a consultant or doctor.