How not to feel hungry when on a diet

Many of us try out a diet at some point in our lives and research has shown that most people stop because they cannot stand the feeling of being hungry all the time.

There are many new diets out there at the moment that allow you to eat as much as you like of some foods meaning you should never be hungry and still lose weight. Often people say it is not how much you eat but rather what you are eating that is important and some foods can even speed up the weight lose process.

When looking at your meals you should have at least a third if not half of your plate as salad or vegetables. When eating meat or fish it should be baked not fried and should not have rich coatings on it such as batter or breadcrumbs. Sauces often have a lot of added sugar and sweeteners in, so if you really do want a sauce then why not make your own so you know exactly what is in it.

Little food and often is usually the best way to go to avoid feeling hungry and picking foods that are take a long time to digest can help to get your body to use more energy to break them down whilst still allowing you to feel full.