Healthy and filling breakfast ideas

It is often said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day – the first food consumed after several hours of rest, needed to provide energy to kick-start the day. It is easy to find cereals filled with sugar or to enjoy greasy foods like a bacon sandwich, but there are healthier options.

One idea is to enjoy porridge oats with a variety of fruits or perhaps honey. Fruits like strawberries, blueberries or banana go great with oats, or you could be more adventurous and try the likes of kiwi or pomegranate, full of antioxidants and great for maintaining good health.

For those who enjoy something a little more savoury, eggs can be a great option – from making omelettes to a side for smoked salmon. They also go great with avocado which, although high in fats, is actually really good for the heart and is very nutritious.

Some people struggle to eat a large breakfast, and for those people a smoothie might be a good alternative. The possibilities for smoothies are seemingly endless – anything that can be blended can go in a smoothie. Choose some favourite fruits or vegetables, and maybe pop in some extra vitamins or nutrients – there are lots of supplements available at health shops.