Taking food supplements to boost your immune system

The experts say that is we eat a balanced diet then we should not need to take extra vitamins and minerals as we will be able to take them from our food, but it is very hard to get your recommended daily intake of nutritious food every day.

Some vitamins and minerals can be taken in the form of a daily tablet, when buying these it is important to always buy them from a reputable company and that you carefully read the directions on the packaging. You may find that the supplement tables you are taking actually have little effect as some cannot be absorbed from the tablet making them useless.

If you find that you are getting ill a lot, feeling tired or having problems with your joints then the first place you should go is your doctors. Very often they will do blood tests to find out if you have a deficiency in something and they will be able to prescribe you with supplements if they are needed and are going to be effective.

Taking a good all round multivitamin is often a good way to ensure you are getting all the nutrients you need but it still doesn’t beat eating healthily.