Is exercise essential to weight lose?

If you are trying to lose weight you have a number of ways in which to do so. You could base it entirely on what you eat, cut your calories down to about 1200 (for women) 1700 (men) and try and makes sure that you drink water. But for some, a diet alone isn’t enough and even if you do lose weight, you may end up with saggy skin if you don’t tone up at the same time. If you have tried fitness classes and the gym and not got on with it, then why not try walking or running. The beauty of walking or running is you can do it pretty much anywhere and it costs nothing apart from a pair of trainers. If you are going to be doing running then I would strongly recommend investing in a good quality pair of trainers to ensure you do not injure yourself by wearing the wrong footwear.

Doing exercise along side dieting can be a very fast and effective way to lose weight and tone up but always make sure that you still eat enough calories to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Cutting down too much on calories can make your body go in to overdrive in storing fats and this will mean when you do eat, your body will simply hold on to more of the food.