What foods are really bad for us?

Over time there has been many changes in the ideas of what foods are really bad for us. For example, fatty foods and sugars were not seen as a major issue fifty years a go but recent research has shown that these can cause long term effects on our health and that sugars can be especially bad for young children.

Some foods are not necessarily bad for us but can cause weight gain and bloating feeling like too much bread. For this reason many people try to cut carbs out from their diet completely or have as little as possible. Fruit and veg are always good to have, but some fruits do contain more calories than others and natural sugars, so it may be worth bearing that in mind.

Almost all of us do not drink enough water. With the average person only drinking a few glasses a day, we may well be missing out the other 4 – 6 glasses that we should be having to keep ourselves healthy. Not only is water needed for our body organs to function correctly but it can also help with improving our skin and our hair.