Taking additional vitamins

Many health experts claim that we should not need to take vitamins and minerals if we are having a healthy diet, but although many of us may think we eat reasonably healthy, the chances are we are not having the daily recommended amount of vitamins and minerals as suggested.

Some people swear by taking a multi vitamin as it is not known to cause you any harm and will just top up your body with anything it is lacking. If you are finding that you are feeling tired all the time then you may need to start taking an iron supplement.

Echinacea is extracted from a plant and given in the form of a tablet. This is said to help not only get over a cold or flu virus but also prevent you getting one in the first place. If you are struggling to get your child to eat enough fruit and vegetables, then you could give them a multi vitamin to be sure that they are in taking what they need to. Always check the ages on multivitamins as babies will require one sort, older children and different sort and adults another sort of tablet or medicine again. It is always worth checking with a health advisor as to if it is recommended to give a young child vitamins.